About us

Sir Mark Elder CBE   –   Sir John Tomlinson CBE   –   Anthony Negus

President – Derek Blyth
Chair – John Payne
Secretary – Susi Liles
Programme Co-ordinator – John Payne
Treasurer – Jackie Roberts
Newsletter – Diane Turner
Registration, Shop and Swap of CDs and DVDs – Edwina Dyson
Publicity – Diane Turner


A society for people interested in the life and music of Richard Wagner to meet and learn together.

The Society was founded in the early 1950s when members met simply to listen to LP recordings of Wagner’s music. Now that we have easy access to the music, we meet to learn more about these magnificent works from speakers who are experts in their field, as well as to attend performances together and discuss our shared enthusiasm.

The Society publicises, and from time to time organises visits to, Wagner performances and events in the UK.

The bi-centenary of Wagner’s birth in 2013 offered us innumerable opportunities to enjoy his music, and our enthusiasm has not in the least diminished in the subsequent years. You can read about the highlights of each year in our blog.