Programme 2020/2021

Season  2020/2021

Our events include talks, study days and the occasional social gathering.

We are always pleased to see new faces as well as former and current members of course!

Please feel free to contact our Secretary if you have any queries.

Our lectures take place online using  Zoom technology.  Please use the contact form, below, to request an invitation.


14th September 2020 at 19.00


Amfortas – the wound!

The concept of injury and recovery in Wagner and in medieval legend and literature.

Derek Blyth


28th October 2020 at 19.00


To be announced



9th November 2020 at 19.00


Post-war ‘Ring’ productions at Bayreuth

Derek Blyth


The illustration is from ‘The Dawn of Time’ by Theresa Newham. The original is in the possession of our president and is used with kind permission of the artist.